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trailer shackle yellow pin rated D shackles 6mm 25mm range - Escaping Outdoors

Yellow pin rated shackles - Dee type

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Product SKU : RWB6600-RWB6606
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Yellow pin rated trailer shackles for all trailers, off road vehicles, 4WD's Etc.

Forged steel US type hot dipped galvanised trailer shackles with a yellow pin. These trailer shackles have the working load limit stamped into the body of each shackle and they are 6x rated meaning they have a built-in safety factor of 6 to 1. E.G: the working load limit (WLL) 750Kg - Breaking Load 4,500 Kg.

All these trailer shackles have a larger pin diameter than the bail diameter.

The size stamped into them is the bail diameter in inches - see size code below - and the working load limit stamped into each shackle should not be exceeded. CE mark is stamped into each shackle.

Trailer shackles available in 7 sizes in both Dee and Bow styles.

trailer shackles yellow pin rated trailer shackles bow and dee shackle type 14 sizes - Escaping Outdoors

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