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100m rolls high strength winch wire replacement rope 5 break load options - Escaping Outdoors

Winch Wire Replacement Rope - 100m rolls - 5 break load options

$ 211.00
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Product SKU : RWB4820-RWB4828
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Boat winch wire replacement rope - High quality Australian made winch wire rope with 100% Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre (UHMWPE) 12 plait cord with an anti-abrasion coating. Extremely strong, Dyneema type winch wire rope.

Colour - dark grey

Size range - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.

Sold in 100 metre reels

  • Highest tensile strength of winch wire rope per weight
  • Wire rope replacement cord
  • Stronger than wire rope and weighs only 12% of the weight of wire rope
  • Includes an anti-abrasion heat treated coating
  • Non-kinking, very low elongation (less than 5%)
  • Floats and UV resistant
  • Nil water absorption
  • Ideal for trailer winch, yachting control lines, flagpoles, hauling rope for mining, or wherever a small diameter, high strength rope is required
RWB Code Diameter Reel Length Break Load
RWB4820 3mm 100 Mtr 750 Kg
RWB4822 4mm 100 Mtr 1550 Kg
RWB4824 5mm 100 Mtr 2200 Kg
RWB4826 6mm 100 Mtr 3400 Kg
RWB4828 8mm 100 Mtr 5300 Kg

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