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Water Ski Pole

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Tenob single water ski pole - thru-deck mount

SKU: RWB5192
$ 423.00
$ 369.00
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Tenob double water ski pole - thru deck mount

SKU: RWB5193
$ 507.00
$ 474.00
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Experience the thrill of watersports with our top-notch wakeboard and ski poles. Our NZ brand, Tenob, offers a premium stainless steel water ski pole range designed for maximum performance. Elevate your rides with the best quality poles on the market, perfect for single or double water skiers, wakeboarding, or tubing. Choose from easily detachable transom bulkhead mount or thru-deck style poles. Tenob poles feature high quality stainless steel construction and a powder-coated composite base plate. Escape to new heights of fun on the water with Escaping Outdoors!


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