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Plastimo Water Bladder Parts Kit

SKU: Plastimokit
$ 79.95
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Plastimo 50 litre Flexible Water Bladder

SKU: RWB8200
$ 164.00
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Plastimo 100 litre Flexible Water Bladder

SKU: RWB8201
$ 212.00
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Plastimo 150 litre Flexible Water Bladder

SKU: RWB8202
$ 238.00
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Plastimo 200 litre Flexible Water Bladder

SKU: RWB8203
$ 321.00
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Plastimo 120 litre Flexible Bow Tank

SKU: RWB8204
$ 250.00
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Plastimo Water Bladder Connections

SKU: SP705
$ 56.00
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Welcome to Escaping Outdoors' collection of high-quality water bladders! Stay hydrated and well-prepared on your camping, boat and caravan trips with our reliable and flexible water bladders. Designed for convenience and portability, these water storage solutions are perfect for the Australian climate. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or spending time on the road, our water bladders ensure you have a reliable source of hydration.

Browse our extensive range of water bladders and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence. Stay refreshed and ready for any journey with Escaping Outdoors.


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