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trailer winch webbing strap with either S hook or snap hooks 4.5m 7.5m - Escaping Outdoors

Trailer winch webbing straps - Snap or S hook

Product SKU : RWB1162-RWB1169


Trailer straps / winch webbing straps are easier to use than wire winch cables as the webbing reels onto the drum more evenly. These trailer winch webbing straps are made from 50mm wide nylon webbing with corrosion resistant snap hook or stainless steel "S" hook. Supplied with a fastening bolt to connect webbing to the winch drum.

Trailer Winch Webbing Straps With Snap Hook:

  • RWB1167 4.5 Mtr with snap hook
  • RWB1168 6 Mtr with snap hook
  • RWB1169 7.5 Mtr with snap hook

Trailer Winch Webbing Straps With S Hook:

  • RWB1162 4.5 Mtr with 8mm stainless “S” hook
  • RWB1164 6 Mtr with 9mm stainless “S” hook
  • RWB1165 7.5 Mtr with 9mm stainless “S” hook

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