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Trailer winch - manual to 380 kg

SKU: RWB2903
$ 70.00
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Trailer winch - manual to 545 kg

SKU: RWB2905
$ 92.00
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Trailer winch - manual to 635 kg

SKU: RWB2906
$ 99.00
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Upgrade your trailer with top-notch manual winch trailer winch range from Escaping Outdoors. Our range of high-quality boat trailer winches suits all budgets and lifting needs, ideal for trailers, docks, pontoons, and more. Available in stainless steel or stamped high tensile alloy steel, our winches offer up to 900 kg capacity and excellent durability. Choose from single or dual gear drive options for additional lifting power. With internally lubricated drum bushings and pinion gear shaft bearings, these winches ensure ease of operation and extended life. Elevate your towing experience with our reliable manual winches.


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