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There is no better way to see the great outdoors than in your own four-wheel drive. But if you are a new 4WD owner and haven't had the chance to put your toes in the water so to speak, then there is no better way than heading off as part of a self-drive tag-along tour.

Global 4WD Training and Tours can introduce you to the wonderful Australian outback with self drive 4WD tag-along tours from the great Simpson Dessert through to Arnhem land and the Kimberly's. 

These tag-along tours provide a safe, enjoyable and economical way to travel to some of the most remote areas of Australia. The basic arrangement is simple. You drive your own vehicle and provide your own camping equipment. They look after everything else.

The tours are fully catered so you don’t have the daily hassle of setting up, cooking, cleaning up and washing the dishes then packing away the stove, plates, pots and pans etc. This also not only gives every member of your group a holiday as well but it reduces the amount of gear and weight your vehicle needs to carry.

For more details get in touch with Andrew from Global 4WD and tell him we sent you.