Canvas tarps -

On receiving your tarp, we recommend you put a light spray of water over it to allow the canvas thread to expand into the holes made by the sewing machine. Allow it to dry fully and then it will be ready for use.

Always tie your tarp down with flexible ties which will allow for the fabric movement in different conditions. Expect around a 5% shrinkage/expansion as your tarp dries out after the rain.

Ensure you always let your canvas tarp dry fully after use before folding it away for storage.

For extra waterproofing go to your local camping shop and by some re-proofer. This is the treatment used to make canvas more durable and waterproof

If your canvas tarp gets mouldy, spray a weak solution of white vinegar (15:1) over the tarp and let it dry. Brush off the mould with a soft broom. The vinegar will continue to work over the next few weeks killing off the remaining spores.


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