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Smarttek 5m flexible anti kink shower hose for camping shower - Escaping Outdoors

Smarttek 5m Anti Kink Camping Shower Hose

$ 49.95
Incl GST
Product SKU : ST65SH


Smarttek 5m premium anti kink camping shower hose

Experience ultimate freedom at your campsite with the Smarttek 5m Premium Anti-Kink Camping Shower Hose! Enjoy ample room to move around, shower, or fill your sink without relocating your Smarttek Black or Smarttek Lite hot water system. Simply connect the hose to your existing Smarttek shower rose and hot water system. Effortlessly extend your reach with the 5m premium shower hose for enhanced convenience during your camping adventures.

Find the full range of Smarttek hot water units and accessories at Escaping Outdoors Australia.

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