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Ensuring your marine vessel's safety is paramount. Roads and Maritime mandates specific safety equipment for both enclosed and open waters. For offshore journeys, essential items include level 100 or greater lifejackets, anchors with chainlines, bilge pumps, compass, distress flares, fire extinguishers, maps/charts, paddles or oars, V sheets, air horns, and more. If venturing offshore beyond 2km, carry an emergency position indication radio beacon and marine radio. In enclosed waters, maintain a minimal level 50S lifejacket, anchors, bailer buckets, fire buckets, bilge pumps, fire extinguishers, paddles or oars, sound signals, and waterproof torches. Explore Escaping Outdoors for compliant and high-quality boating safety equipment. Stay safe on the waters with the right gear.


Call: 0412 150 120