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Reefe 2 litre pressure tank for water pump - Escaping Outdoors

Reefe 2 litre Pressure Tank

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A water pump pressure tank is an essential part of your pressure pump water set-up whether it is for domestic applications for your home or for larger commercial pressure pump applications. A pressure tank also known as an accumulator tank as it accumulates water, is also used for small applications such as in a caravan, boat or coffee cart or food van where you may have a either 12v, 24v or 240v diaphragm style pump systems.

Reduce cycling and water hammer, make your pump run quieter and last longer and reduce your power bills with a pressure tank on your system. Plumbers recommend adding a tank to most pressure pump set ups!

Pressure tanks are essential for whole house applications, farm set ups, irrigation and larger pressure systems.

The pump fills the pressure tank with pressurised water and then when the tap is turned on the water will be supplied by the tank until 2/3 of the tank is empty. Then the pump will refill it again.

REEFE pressure tanks are manufactured with an EPDM liner which is held against the wall of the pressure tank with a special steel ring. The brass air valve is sealed by a threaded O-ring valve cap to prevent air leaks. The threaded water connection fitting is stainless steel to avoid corrosion and provides a unique water/air seal preventing leaks in your pressure tank. There are no wetted steel parts in the Reefe quality made pressure tanks to avoid corrosion. All the internal parts of the pressure tank including the air valve are smooth to prevent damage to the diaphragm. The steel tank exterior is coated with a two-pack paint finish.

This listing is for the 2 litre Reefe pressure tank. Reefe pressure tanks come in a range of sizes from 2 litres to 100 litres.

Reefe 2 litre 10 bar pressure tank applications

  • Caravan, RV, campervans and buses
  • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Irrigation systems
  • Toilet blocks
  • Hydraulic hammer arresting
  • Multi-unit dwellings
  • Pressure systems

Reefe 2 litre 10 bar pressure tank features

  • Reduces cycling of the pump which extends the pump life
  • Reduces electricity consumption as the pump does not start on every use of the tap
  • Adjustable pressure via leak-proof standard air valve
  • Comprehensive factory testing
  • Tested to AS/NZS4020 for potable water
  • 5 year warranty

Reefe 2 litre 10 bar pressure tank construction

  • Single food grade liner diaphragm design
  • Two-pack epoxy paint finish
  • Stainless steel threaded inlet
  • No wetted steel parts for prevention of corrosion


  • Pumps with Pressure Controller: 70% of maximum pump head pressure
  • Pumps with Pressure Switch: 10% below cut-in pressure
  • Pumps with VSD Controller: 55% of maximum operating pressure

Reefe water pump pressure tank range specifications - Escaping Outdoors

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