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PVC tarp 7.2m x 5.4m waterproof pvc tarpaulin - Escaping Outdoors Australia

Escaping Outdoors PVC Tarp 7.2m x 5.4m PVC Tarpaulin

$ 540.00
Incl GST
Product SKU : PVC7254


Best quality 100% waterproof blue PVC tarp at 610 gsm/m2, 1000 denier. Industrial grade, durable polyester fabric coated with PVC.

This PVC tarp range has 16 sizes from 2m to 9m lengths with popular width sizes to mmet the needs and queries of our customers.

Our blue PVC tarps are perfect for around the farm, securing your load on your truck, covering your gear while you are working, for protection from the weather when camping, great as a floor in your tent or for protection from the rain for your party.

Plenty of reinforced solid brass eyelets to tie it down and with 5mm rope sewn in the hems, these tarps will last for years and years.

In all my years of selling these Australian Designed tarps Escaping Outdoors have not had one single complaint or problem. I use one myself on my ute and it has done over 20,000 klms pulled over sharp aluminium corners on the tray sides of the ute, and so far no rips, tears, holes or leaks. To be honest I didn't expect it to be so tough.

These are NOT cheap poly tarps. These are high quality, long lasting, 100% waterproof PVC tarps.

Escaping Outdoors PVC tarpaulin 7.2m x 5.4m PVC tarp features

  • Blue PVC Heavy Grade
  • Highest quality fabric
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% UV treated
  • Heavy Duty Sewn Hems
  • Large Brass eyelets every 50cm
  • Temperature resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal

Escaping Outdoors PVC tarpaulin 7.2m x 5.4m PVC tarp specifications

  • 1000 Denier material
  • Density 18 x 18
  • 610 grams per sq metre
  • High tenacity polyester with PVC coating
  • 5mm rope in hems
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Dimensions: 7.2m x 5.4m

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