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Escaping Outdoors 40 PSI pressure switch for 12v 24v 240v diaphragm pumps and water pumps

Pressure Switch 40 PSI

$ 19.95
Product SKU : FLPS40PSI


40 PSI water pump pressure switch to suit the Escaping Outdoors FL40, FL44, FL40C, and FL43 DC electric diaphragm water pumps. This 40 PSI pressure switch will also suit similar 12v diaphragm water pump brands ProPump, FloPump, Singflo and Sailfo.

Failure of a 12v caravan style diaphragm water pump can usually be attributed to the pressure switch. Designed to regulate the delivery pressure, the water pump pressure switch works by turning the water pump off when the set pressure is reached, and turns the pump back on again if the pressure drops.

If your pressure switch fails after a short time the most likely cause is an inbalance of pressure in the pump system which results in excess tork on the water pump motor. Pressure switch failure will stop the pump operating and protect the water pump from further damage to the motor or diaphragm. If you feel you are going through too many pressure switches it is an indication your set up needs refining. Refinement will depend on the application.

Please phone or contact us if you require technical help with your water pump set-up.

Escaping Outdoors pressure switch models: 17 PSI, 35 PSI, 40 PSI , 60 PSI and 100 PSI.


  • 40 PSI
  • Simple and easy to replace
  • Fine tune pressure adjustment screw
  • Overall dimensions 32 x 32 x 26mm
  • Mounting screw holes 35mm centre to centre
  • Your pressure switch will be sent with tracking

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