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Reefe water pump strainer with pre-filter - Escaping Outdoors

240v Pressure Pump Strainer - 25mm FBSP

$ 69.00
$ 59.00
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Product SKU : RSFP25


Our pressure pump strainer is easy to install and economical, comes with pre-filters and will protect your water pump from solids. These particle filters are designed to be installed between the rain water tank and the pressure pump. The pressure pump strainer protects the water pump from damaging grit and poly-tank shavings, extending the life of the pressure pump and helping to prevent premature pump failure. These are 'washable' particle filters, designed to stop leaves etc from entering the pump. It is not a chemical reduction filter.

REEFE Pressure pump strainer specifications

  • Maximum flow: 120 L/min
  • Maximum Pressure: 400 kpa
  • Inlet / outlet size: 25mm FBSP

REEFE Pressure pump strainer features

  • Protects pump from damaging grit and poly tank shavings
  • Clear housing - easy visibility of solids
  • Extends the life of the pump
  • Washable, reusable filter cartridge
  • Easy open - no spanner required
  • Air bleed port
  • 100 micron
  • Not tested for potable water

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