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Bait board only - large lip surround - 460x345mm

SKU: RWB1964
$ 153.00
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Bait board only - recessed - 570x390mm

SKU: RWB1968
$ 239.00
Current Stock Level

Bait board only - large lip surround - 830x310mm

SKU: RWB1969
$ 243.00
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Bait station - ski pole mount

SKU: RWB1970
$ 711.00
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Manta extension rod holder

SKU: RWB1978
$ 160.00
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Folding SS mount bait station - 600x395mm

SKU: RWB1991
$ 864.00
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Clamp-on SS bait board station - 570x420mm

SKU: RWB1992
$ 449.00
Current Stock Level

Round clamp-on SS bait board station - 480x420mm

SKU: RWB1998
$ 525.00
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Manta 6 Rung Yacht Toe Rail Boat Ladder

$ 593.00
Current Stock Level

Rod holders - PAIR - Inclined port & starboard

$ 133.00
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"Manta" sports steering wheel - 355mm

SKU: RWB7708
$ 238.00
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Experience top-tier Manta Marine bait stations, crafted with over 40 years of expertise in stainless steel marine fabrication. Our bait stations are built to last, using 316 marine grade stainless steel for durability and a premium finish. Enhance your boating experience with Manta's high-quality bait stations, ensuring a reliable and efficient setup for your fishing adventures.

Explore our extensive range of marine products at Escaping Outdoors Australia, and find the perfect Manta bait station for your boat. Need further help or advice? Contact us, and our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting the ideal marine equipment.


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