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Jabsco pump guard strainer 12v water pump strainer plug-in 20mm hose barb - Escaping Outdoors

Jabsco Pump Strainer - Plug in 20mm hose barb

$ 40.50
Incl GST
Product SKU : J21-108


Jabsco pump guard strainer - The Jabsco pump strainer protects all Jabsco 12v and 24v electric diaphragm pumps from pump breakdown due to particles in the water and thereby protects your pump warranty. Jabsco pumps which require a pump strainer will void warranty if the strainer is not used. The transparent cap of the pump strainer screws off to allow for easy inspection and clearing of debris.

Jabsco pump strainer types available:

  • Plug in with 12 mm hose barb
  • Plug in with 20 mm hose barb
  • Plug in with 1/2 inch male thread
  • Two 12 mm hose barbs
  • Two 1/2 inch male thread
  • Two 20mm hose barbs

This listing is for the 2nd option. Please call Escaping Outdoors on 0412 150 120 or contact us to order other pump strainers not available in our store.

Jabsco pump strainer - plug in with 20mm hosetail barbed connection specifications

  • Model J21-108 Plug in with 20 mm hose barb
  • Part Number 46400-0010

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