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Jabsco water pump strainer suits 12v 24v pumps - Escaping Outdoors

Jabsco Pump Guard Strainer - 23mm snap-in ports

$ 79.00
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Product SKU : J21-113


Jabsco pump guard strainer with 23mm snp in ports - Universal style specifications

Jabsco 12v water pump strainer - Shop Escaping Outdoors for Jabsco universal style plug-in filters ( pump guard strainers ). The Jabsco universal style pump strainer has the same features as the Jabsco strainers J21-107 to J21-112, except these plug-in strainers also have a plug-in inlet port that uses the Jabsco snap-in port to connect to your inlet water supply hose. This allows a larger selection of fitting options.

  • J21-113 strainer: Suits LARGE size 23mm Jabsco snap-in ports
  • J21-114 strainer: Suits STANDARD size Jabsco snap-in ports

A Jabsco pump inlet strainer (filter) will protect your Jabsco water pump from pump breakdown due to particles in the water and also protect the pump warranty. The transparent housing on the pump inlet strainer screws off to allow easy inspection and servicing to clear debris.

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