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Irrigation Pumps

Shop Escaping Outdoors for our range of multistage irrigation pumps at great prices. Multistage irrigation water pumps are most commonly used where liquid needs to be transported with high pressure, achieving this with the use of multiple impellers or stages in the body of the pump. As the flow of liquid progresses through the multiple stages, pressure is built up within the pump which in turn enables the multistage irrigation water pump to move its contents a longer distance. The more stages in the multistage water pump the further distance can be achieved. Multistage water pumps are commonly used where there is a demand for constant pressure and pressure boosting such as for households, industrial applications, wash down facilities and irrigation systems.

Browse Escaping Outdoors Australia full range of pumps or contact us for friendly advice for the best pump for your application or browse our "sister store" Water Pumps Now which is our dedicated online pump shop for an extensive range of irrigation pumps, domestic pumps, industrial pumps, commercial water pumps and farm pumps, controllers and pump accessories.


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