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Shop Escaping Outdoors for our diverse selection of irrigation pressure pumps including our best selling, horizontal multistage pumps with great water pressure which we offer at budget prices direct from the importer. These irrigation water pumps are specifically designed to move and supply liquids with high pressure, utilising multiple impellers or stages within the pump body. With more stages in the pressure pump, the greater the distance which can be achieved. Multistage pumps are suitable for constant pressure, pressure boosting, water transfer and water irrigation systems agricultural farming, industrial applications, wash-down facilities, and more.

Escaping Outdoors best selling irrigation pumps

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Browse our full range of 240v pumps for sale at Escaping Outdoors Australia or contact us for friendly advice to find the best pump for your specific application. Alternatively, visit our dedicated online pump shop, Water Pumps Now, for a complete irrigation pump range, house pumps, industrial pumps, commercial water pumps, farm pumps, transfer pumps, and pressure pumps delivered Australia wide.


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