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Trem Italian made standard inflatable boat rollers 450kg max - Escaping Outdoors

Inflatable boat rollers (450kg max) - Standard

$ 77.00
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Product SKU : RWB1029


Boat rollers - Made in Italy the Trem inflatable boat rollers are made for moving a smaller dinghy across sand or beaches. At least 2 inflatable boat rollers should be used, depending on the type, length and weight of the boat.

Trem standard inflatable boat rollers diagram - Escaping Outdoors

2 inflatable boat roller models are available in this standard range that are suitable for a range of dinghy styles and small craft to a maximum of either 200 kg or 450 kg weight when fully laden including all onboard articles and outboard motor, if applicable.

  • Light Duty: RWB1028 200 Kg max - Made from light vinyl material - 1.1 metres x 250mm when inflated
  • Medium Duty: RWB1029 450 Kg max - Heavier duty vinyl material - 1.25 metres x 250mm when inflated (this option)

You can inflate these inflatable boat rollers with a small air compressor.

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