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House Pumps

Escaping Outdoors specialises in constant pressure pumps, catering to domestic house and farm water supply needs. Our range includes various 240V house pressure pumps for home and garden use, alongside a diverse selection of 12V water pumps suitable for solar house pump applications. From submersible and sewage pumps to deep well and shallow well pressure pumps, we have your house water pump requirements covered. Complete with spare parts and accessories, including pressure tanks and controllers, our house water pumps are designed for efficiency and reliability.

If you can't find the pump you need in our online shop, visit our specialist water pump store, Water Pumps Now, or contact us for personalised pump selection and advice.

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Waterpro DJ58 small house water pump
$ 499.00
$ 392.00
Escaping Outdoors HVT1100F high flow submersible farm water pump sump pump
Out of stock
$ 319.00
Reefe domestic sump pump submersible sump pit water - Escaping Outdoors
$ 360.00
$ 305.00