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Plastimo compass hand held hiking and bush walking compass - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo compass hand held hiking and bush walking compass - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo hand held compass for hiking and bush walking - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo compass warranty - Escaping Outdoors

Plastimo Handheld Hiking Compass

$ 229.00
Incl GST
Product SKU : RWB8000


Superb quality handheld hiking compass made by Plastimo - high quality world leading compass brand. Easy to use, very accurate and compact handheld hiking compass.

Plastimo have been manufacturing marine and hiking compass designs for 45 years and over that time have perfected their quality and design selecting the best quality components coupled with modern styling ion a dependable hiking compass with a 5 year warranty.

TAKE CARE when buying a compass. Make sure it is balanced for Zone C, South Pacific and Australia. Use of another Zone (purchased overseas usually) will result in a compass that will not give accurate readings in Australia.

Plastimo handheld hiking compass features

  • Soft Grip Armour - Non slip and shock resistant against knocks
  • Easy to read - magnified card with 1 degree graduations
  • Highly accurate - no parallax error and very stable card
  • Non corrosive and maintenance free
  • Can be read from above like a standard compass
  • Built in photo luminescent lighting - no batteries required
  • Wide 20 degree filed of view
  • Very compact - pocket sized compass
  • Comes complete with lanyard

Plastimo handheld hiking compass specifications

  • Balanced for Zone C - Australia and South Pacific
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Weight 105g
  • Solas-Med 96/98 approved

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