Gas Mini Hiking Stove

Brand: Oz-mate
Product Code: CB01
Rating: Not Rated Yet
$ 37.00

Hiking stove - Shop our quality stainless steel hiking stove which has a huge ability to heat efficiently. Your mini gas hiking and camping stove willl make a 1 litre saucepan of water boil in just over 3 minutes! When in use the mini gas camping and hiking stove has a very stable base with a supporting diametre of 9.5 cm designed to hold a 20 cm pot for cooking. Automatic Piezo ignition on your mini hiking stove makes your stove easy to light even in challenging weather conditions.

The mini gas hiking stove folds away into a tiny 6 x 6 x 10 cm protective hard case so it won't snag on anything in your bag. Perfect for hiking, backpacking or making a cup of tea on a day walk. Tuck in in your car so you are prepared for a 'smoko' when you are out in the bush. This is a great gift for the outdoors person in your life! I gave one to my brother who loves heading bush on weekends and he loves it!!

The mini camping stove weighs only 118gms including the case. It takes a standard screw propane gas cannister which is available in most hardware or camping stores to buy.

Please note: the gas cannister shown in the photos is not being sold with this stove.


  • Light weight
  • High quality stove with precision engineering
  • Holds a 20cm pot
  • Automatic Piezo Ignition
  • Hard travel case
  • Instructions


  • Weight 118 in travel case
  • Size 4 x 5.5 x 8 cm folded
  • 3000 watts

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