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Why has my 12 volt water pump pressure switch failed?

Why has my 12 volt water pump pressure switch failed? This is a commonly asked question. If your 12 volt water pump is new and the pump suddenly stops working or won't stop pumping, your pressure switch will have failed.

Possible reasons for failure of a 12 volt water pressure switch

The most common cause of this problem is when you have purchased a 12 volt water pump which is not matched closely enough to the flow of your system and its various outlets.

Example: You have a 30PSI 10 L/min hot water service, a 20 PSI 5 L/min toilet and a 40 PSI 5 L/min kitchen sink.

Other reasons for pressure switch failure on a diaphragm style pressure switch are:

  • Excess tork or resistance on the pumps motor
  • Pump running dry (air in the system)
  • Voltage spike
  • Excess pressure in your system

The best way to get around the variety of demands on the one pump is to either start with a 12 volt Jabsco or Shurflo water pump which can supply water at a wide range of pressure and flow rates, or add an accumulator or pressure tank and a non-return valve to your system.

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An accumulator tank is installed just after the pump and it will hold a body of pressurised water which can be drawn down on by your various taps at their different rates to match their needs. As the volume in the accumulator tank reduces the pump will kick in and refill the pressure tank.

This will reduce your pump's noise, draw less power, save your pressure switch from failure and will extend the life of your 12 volt water pump - all in one!

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