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FAQ - how to measure a new boat steering cable - Escaping Outdoors

The question is often asked - How to measure for a new boat steering cable. Our Multiflex steering cables and helm are universal and simple to measure and replace. Simply follow the directions in the diagram below.

What is included in a Multiflex steering kit?

Your high quality Multiflex boat steering kit is available in cable lengths 8 feet to 22 feet (2,43m to 6.71m) and include the quick connect steering cable with stainless steel ends, planetory geared helm and 90 degree bezel kit.

Why choose a Multiflex steering cable and helm kit?

The Multiflex easy connect Rotary Helm engine control steering cable is made from non corrosive materials with a lubricated stainless steel inner cable that makes for maximum efficiency. These boat steering kits suit most brands of engines from 1968 to now and are suitable for boat engines up to 200HP.

Boat steering kits range in size from 8 feet to 22 feet (2,43m to 6.71m) and are in 1 foot increments. If your boat has not been set up with a steering kit before, then you will need to add one of the three alternative engine connection kits.

Multiflex steering cables can be attached directly to the tilt tube on all popular brands of engines. It has a minimum bend radius of 200mm and a stroke length of 228mm. These steering cables are compatible with most Teleflex and Ultraflex helms and cables, and other brands on the market.



FAQ - how to measure a new boat steering cable Escaping Outdoors

What Mulitiflex steering options are available?

Multiflex offer a wide range of boat steering options including steering kits, high quality boat steering wheels and steering kit accessories including splashwell kits, tiller arm kits, transom mount kits and steering helms.


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 FAQ - how to measure your boat steering cable so you can replace it - Escaping Outdoors


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