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Things to consider to reduce the noise of a 12v water pump?

Most of the problems which cause your 12v water pump to be noisy lie with the fact water hates being moved. Here are some ways to help make your 12v water pump as quiet as possible.

Can my 12v water pump be screwed down too tight?

FAQ - how to make your 12v water pump quiet - Escaping OutdoorsDon’t over-tighten the screws on the base. Over tightening of the attachment screws on your 12v water pump will compress the rubber mountings which will hinder the ability to absorb sound energy. You can also make sure you use the thinnest screws which are adequate to hold the pump securely.

Many of the Escaping Outdoors 12v 24v and 240v water pumps come with the option of a metal base plate with rubber grommets or 4 x rubber feet.

Is the mounting base on my 12v water pump too rigid?

If you knock on the proposed mounting base and it responds like a drum, it’s going to worsen pump noise. Another effective solution is to place a small piece of carpet or rubber between the 12v water pump and its base.

Can I use flexible piping with my 12v water pump to reduce noise?

The use of flexible piping in your set up is surprisingly effective at dampening sound - try including about 350 mm of truly flexible piping between in a very loose loop between the pump and any hard plumbing on the pump inlet and outlet. If they are unable to move freely a lot of noise will be transmitted via these pipes. The difference in transmitted noise is so great that it can be worthwhile connecting each pipe using a full loop.

Can elbow fittings in my 12v water pump line be causing excess pump noise?

Avoid elbow fittings close to the outlet port. They cause turbulent water flow and also back pressure – both of which generate noise. Use smooth curves rather than right angle bends.

How do I prevent vibration noise from my water pump?

Another cause of transmitted water pump noise including water hammer is vibration where plumbing passes through a wall. During installation of your pump ensure the pipes are unable to move especially where they go through a wall. Use plastic foam or insulation to keep them in place.

Trapped air in your system will also cause your plumbing to rattle. It is desirable to bleed all air from the system to prevent this.

Will an accumulator tank quieten my 12v water pump?

An accumulator tank is a must for all diaphragm water pumps in a 12v 24v or 240v pump system. An accumulator tank will dramatically reduce the noise, pulsation, pump cycling and will extend the life of your pump. The result is a smooth and quiet stream of water.

Do I need a non-return valve in my 12v pump system?

In most cases the answer is yes. A non-return valve is an underestimated addition to 12v pump systems. Whether your pump is mounted higher or lower that your water source you need a non return valve placed between the water supply and your pump. The valve will keep the pump primed. Without a valve, the pump can sense a drop in pressure if water drains back from the pump to the water supply. This causes an air pocket to form and your pump will turn on and pump this air without the pump switching off until the pressure switch is cooked and dies to protect your pump motor from overheating and dying. It is also necessary to have a valve when the tank is higher than the pump so the pump doesnt have issues causes by head pressure coming from the water source.

There are two types of valves to choose from:

  • A check valve ( foot valve ): use if using a jerry can style of water supply with a hose going into the can or container or tank. The check valve goes on the end of your pipe / hose if the pump is mounted higher than your water source.
  • A non-return valve: if using a closed container or tank with an outlet. The non-return valve connects to the bottom of the water tanks outlet. If the water source is equal or lower than your pump, the non-return valve prevents water draining back to the water source and creating air pockets which can cause damage to your pump.

FAQ - does my water pump system need an accumulator tank

If you follow these steps you will have a pump which makes no more noise than a good sewing machine. Truly!

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