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FAQ - Escaping Outdoors heavy duty cotton canvas tarpaulin canvas tarp

How to get the optimal life from your canvas tarp?

There are a few things you need to do to get make your canvas tarp last over time.

Should I put water on my canvas tarp when it is new?

On receiving your Escaping Outdoors brand of canvas tarp, we recommend you put a light spray of water over it to allow the canvas thread to expand into the holes made by the sewing machine. Hang your canvas tarp to allow your tarp to fully dry out and then it will be ready for use. Your tarp may have white residue on it which is from the chalk used for marking the tarps during manufacturing for sewing. If this is evident it will simply wash off.

What sort of ties should I use with my canvas tarp?

Always tie your canvas tarp down with flexible ties which will allow for the fabric movement in different conditions.

Will my canvas tarp shrink over time?

Your canvas tarp is made from 100% cotton canvas. Expect around a 5% shrinkage / expansion as your tarp dries out after rain.

Ensure you always let your canvas tarp dry fully after use before folding it away for storage.

Can I use a waterproof product on my canvas tarp?

Your canvas tarp has already been treated with a waterproofing product. For extra waterproofing go to your local camping shop and by some re-proofer. This is the treatment used to make canvas more durable and waterproof.

What do I do if my canvas tarp gets mouldy?

Always store your canvas tarp in a dry place free from humidity. Your Escaping Outdoors canvas tarp has been treated for mould but if your canvas tarp does gets mouldy, spray a weak solution of white vinegar (15:1) over the canvas tarp and let it dry. Brush the mould off the tarp with a soft broom when the tarp is dry. The vinegar will continue to work over the next few weeks killing off the remaining spores.

What are Escaping Outdoors canvas tarps made from?

Escaping Outdoors heavy duty canvas tarps are 2nd to none! Made to resist Australia's harsh climate our canvas tarps are made from 100% breathable heavy duty 16 ounce cotton canvas, are water resistant and have full UV protection added to the fabric. Our canvas tarp range are also treated for mildew, rust and rotting. We use heavy duty gauge thread and the eyelets are brass.

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Where does Escaping Outdoors ship the canvas tarps from?

Shopping online with Escaping Outdoors is an easy process with same day fast shipping from our NSW warehouse throughout Australia. Our smaller canvas tarps will be sent to you with Australia Post and our heavier ones (over 22kg) will usually be sent with TNT.

Escaping Outdoors stock a great range of high quality canvas tarps and PVC tarps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or phone on 0412150120 if you require assistance.

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