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An accumulator tank which is also known as a pressure tank will give you a smoother water flow, quieter operation, will save your battery power and will extend the life of your pump. A must for every set up!

What is an accumulator tank?

An accumulator tank is a bladder type pressure storage vessel and/or pulsation-dampening device designed to hold water under pressure. It extends the time the pump is on and off in each cycle due to the pressure switch not tripping so often. This extends pump and battery life, makes less noise, quietens water hammering and cycling and gives a more consistent flow rate. The accumulator tank can also be used to moderate the water flow to match your Hot Water Service.

Where do I position the accumulator tank?

You position your accumulator tank on the outlet side of the pump before the water heater or outlets. The accumulator tank usually sits side by side with your pump.

Typical 12v 24v 240v water pump et up for Escaping Outdoors pumps

Typical food van coffee cart water pump set up - Escaping Outdoors

Typical 12v water pump setup for a cabin small home water pump set up

What can happen if I don't have an accumulator tank?

Your plumbing will work without an accumulator tank, but if your pump does not have a bypass or is not a smart pump, we recommend it particularly when you have a shower or a toilet where the pump is under pressure rarely operating at 100% of its maxium flow rate. Without an accumulator tank the strain will be on your pressure switch, which may cause it to fail early at an inconvenient moment and ultimately cause complete pump failure.

Can I add an accumulator tank to my current setup?

An accumulator tank can be fitted to new or existing pump system installations. Most accumulator tanks come with the appropriate fittings for this.

FAQ - Escaping Outdoors 12v water pump and accumulator tank in house setup

Does my Smart Sensor pump require an accumulator tank?

An accumulator tank is not always required for Smart sensor pumps such as the Jabsco ParMax and Shurflo pumps as these pumps will speed-up and slow-down as required to meet the demand for water. Pumps with Smart Sensors or Built in Bypasses are dearer options to purchase initially but should give you trouble free operation for many years and do come with long warranties. If you do have pressure switch failure on this type of pump the system is telling you it needs an accumulator tank added to your system.

Does my 12v FL diaphragm pump need an accumulator tank?

FL diaphragm pressure pumps such as the Escaping Outdoors FL range of pumps are a great alternative, very popular and suit the budget conscious. These water pumps operate at one speed and do nothave a built in by-pass or smart sensor which means if your system is not set perfectly to match your 12v 24v or 24v FL pump then you will absolutely need to add an accumulator tank or you will eventually experience either pressure switch failure or pump failure.

Example: Your outlet / tap can release 8 litres per minute. The FL40 12v water pump releases 17 litres per minute. You now have an inbalance of 9 litres per minute of water pressure in your system.

When you have an inbalance of pressure, this puts the pump under immense load. The excess pressure goes back to the pumps diaphragm. The pump does not like this and the pressure switch will eventually fail or burn out in order to protect the pumps motor. The pump will stop operating. At this point many people think their pump has failed, but it is actually the pressure switch failing when it is protecting the pump. In a worst case scenario the excess pressure in your system can cause the pressure to push through to the pumps diaphragm damaging it and burning your pump out.

To deal with the excess water pressure in any 12v, 24v and 240v diaphragm water pump system you simply add an accumulator tank to your system. The accumulator tank will absorb the excess pressure and you will have a smooth hassle free system.

FAQ - does my water pump system need an accumulator tank

Does an accumulator tank help with cycling and water hammering?

The addition of the accumulator tank will help to quieten your pump and reduces pump cycling and hammering. When the tap is turned on the excess water which is held in accumulated storage in the pressure tank. When you turn your tap on this water will be released to the outlet first before the pump has to turn on. Once the water in the accumulator tank is empty the pump will then turn on. Thus extending pump life, battery life and giving you will have a smoother quieter pump operation.

Browse Escaping Outdoors for our range of pressure tanks and accumulator tanks. If you are unsure of which accumulator tank will be suit your pump, pump application and set-up, don't hesitate to contact us or phone on 0412150120. We are here to help!

How much pressure do I put into the accumulator tank?

Your accumulator tank is factory pre-set. Escaping Outdoors recommends the pressure be set at 2-3 PSI below the cut in pressure of your water pump. Example the cut-in pressure of the FL43 is around 35PSI. When you order your accumulator tank, let us know the pump it is to go with or contact us and we will set the pressure in the accumulator tank for you prior to shipping.

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