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5m pump float switch - Escaping Outdoors

5m Water Pump Float Switch Controller - Escaping Outdoors

$ 46.00
Incl GST
Product SKU : PC8A5M


Water pump float switch with 5m lead to automate your submersible water pump to turn on and off automatically? When your water tank is full, the water pump float switch rises and cuts off the electrical signal, shutting off the pump. As the water level falls, the pump float switch reconnects with the circuit, turning the pump back on to re-fill your tank.

A float switch prevents your tank from overflowing. Alternatively, it can be set up to turn on the pump to prevent the tank from running dry. The switch can be set to turn on or off when full. It's your choice – and you select the trigger water level.

Use a water pump float switch to automatically fill a tank, pool or garden pond when evaporation or use reduces the water level. All materials are non-toxic and can be used with drinking water.

Escaping Outdoors 5m water pump float switch specifications

  • Model PC- 8A
  • 240 Volt
  • 10 amp rating
  • 5 metre lead
  • Non- toxic
  • Working temperature range: 0-80°C

Escaping Outdoors 5m water pump float switch features

  • Can be set to turn on when full or turn off when full
  • Automatic
  • Includes wiring diagram for easy set-up
  • Suitable for drinking water

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