Fender covers - PAIR - single thickness - black or navy blue - (multiple sizes)

Brand: Fendress
Product Code: RWB5511 to RWB5519
$ 54.00
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Available in either navy blue or black the Fendress boat fender covers are high quality fender covers made in France. Manufactured from premium quality loop knit acrylic material which is non-abrasive and UV and salt water resistant. These high quality boat fender covers will protect both your fender and the gelcoat on your boat. This range of fender covers is made from single thickness material (also available in double thickness) and are hang packed and priced in PAIRS. The fender covers have an elastic loop knitted into the fabric on one end to hold the cover tightly onto the boat fender and are machine washable for easy maintenance.

These fender covers are sized specifically to exactly fit our MAJONI fenders in white with blue ends or white with black ends as detailed BELOW.

Fendress fender covers suit Majoni fenders

Tip - fit the cover before inflating the fender.

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