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Automatic butane gas blow torch with Piezo ignition - Escaping Outdoors

Butane Gas Blow Torch

$ 34.00
Incl GST
Product SKU : GBT03


Discover the versatile GBT03 automatic butane gas blow torch, an essential tool for welding, paint removal, soldering, and more. With Piezo ignition and full power control, this high-quality blow torch heats up to 1400 degrees Celsius. Ideal for various applications, from hobby and craftwork to lighting BBQs. Please note due to Australian safety laws with postage, that this sale does not include a gas canister, but you can find them at reasonable prices in stores like Big W.


  • Welding ( will not weld steel )
  • Paint Removal
  • Copper Pipe Soldering
  • Heat treatment and Heating
  • Pipe Curving
  • Glass Work
  • Blistering and skinning, finishing foods and adding drama when serving
  • Lighting BBQ's and fires
  • Thawing frozen water pipes
  • Hobby and craftwork, model making


  • One touch automatic piezo electric ignition
  • Ultra light compact design
  • Convenient and easy to use connecting cartridge
  • Ergonomic design fits easy in the hand
  • Multi function for use in home and workshop
  • Heats to 1400 degrees celsius
  • Safety designed

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