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Plastimo offshore compass black bracket mount flat black card - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo offshore compass black bracket mount flat black card - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo offshore boat compass diagram with measurements - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo compass warranty - Escaping Outdoors
Plastimo compass for 6-12m powerboat - Escaping Outdoors

Black Bracket Mount - Flat Black Card

$ 317.00
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Product SKU : RWB8027


Offering a 5 year year warranty on the stylish Plastimo Offshore 95 boat compass range balanced to Zone C, South Pacific and Australia. High quality black bracket mount boat compass with flat black card are suitable for powerboats from 6 to 12 metres in length. Whatever the boat speed, hull pounding or vibrations the Offshore 95 will remain fully efficient due to the Plastimo exclusive "vibration absorber" system which ensures that the boat compass card remains stable in all conditions.

TAKE CARE when buying a boat compass. Make sure it is balanced for Zone C, South Pacific and Australia. Use of another Zone (purchased overseas usually) will result in a compass that will not give accurate readings in Australia.

This model is bracket mount with a black exterior and a flat black card. The bracket mount compass can be mounted at any angle as long as the compass and card remains horizontal. The bracket mount boat compass are easily removable using the quick remove clip plate supplied. Other models are available.

Plastimo black bracket mount marine compass with flat card features

  • Balanced for Zone C - Australia and South Pacific
  • 81mm apparent card diameter
  • Flat card with 5 degree graduations
  • Vibration absorber system keeps the card stable
  • Watertight one-piece moulded bowl and flange
  • 12 volt lighting included
  • Compensators included - easily adjustable
  • Optional plastic protective sun covers
  • All parts fully UV treated
  • Solas-Med 9698 approved
  • Stylish and accurate

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