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Escaping Outdoors 12v water pump 6mm elbow 90 degree fittings

Barbed Pump Fittings 90 degree 1/4" x 2

$ 19.00
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Product SKU : FLBFITsetof2


Escaping Outdoors sells a large range of pump parts and accessories. This sale is for a set of two 90 degree 1/4" and barbed fittings to suit our Escaping Outdoors FL3203 pump - clip on to the pump at one end and the other end is a barbed fitting for your hose connection.

These Escaping Outdoors pump fittings will suit most brands of 12v diaphragm water pumps which require a 1/4" fitting including the FL pump range which includes Escaping Outdoors pumps, Singlo, Propump and Flopump. There are some brands they won't suit so please contact us if you are unsure. 

We stock Escaping Outdoors barbed elbow, barbed straight and straight BSP fittings in 1/2" inch ( 12mm ) too if you are seeking a larger size!

If you want a different combination we can easily change the pack to suit your needs. Just ask.

Suits models:

  • Escaping Outdoors FL3203

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