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Escaping Outdoors 1 litre accumulator pressure tank

1 Litre Accumulator Tank

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$ 105.00
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Product SKU : EOAT1-1


An accumulator tank is an underestimated requirement for a smooth running water pump system in most caravans and boats. Our Escaping Outdoors 1 litre compact pre-pressurised accumulator / pressure tank will fit into a tight space. This 1 litre accumulator tank is for potable drinking water and wll give you a smoother water flow, quieter operation, will save your power and will extend the life of your pump. A must for every pressurized water pump set up!


  • Fully sealed
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Will align with your pumps PSI rating
  • Made from tough durable materials
  • Reliable Escaping Outdoors brand
  • Non corrosive nylon outer casing
  • Internal rubber membrane eliminates maintenance
  • Universal mounting
  • Easily fitted to new or existing systems
  • Installation Instructions included


  • Model: EOAT1-1
  • 1 litre accumulator tank
  • Supplied with straight snap in port kits for 12mm I.D. hose
  • Pre-charged pressure: 10PSI (0.7BAR) ( Contact us with the purchase to let us know the pump you are matching the accumulator tank to and we will pre - charge the pressure to the recommendation for the pump you are using).
  • Air filled valve - standard automotive style tyre valve

Typical 12v 24v 240v water pump set up for Escaping Outdoors pumps

Typical food van coffee cart water pump set up - Escaping Outdoors

The Escaping Outdoors quality accumulator / pressure tank will hold a store of pressurised water to reduce unnecessary pump cycling, pulsation and water hammer when installed between the pump and the tap. An accumulator / pressure tank can also be used to moderate the flow to match your Hot Water Service. An accumulator / pressure tank can be fitted to new or existing pump system installations.

Escaping Outdoors stock both a 1 litre and a 750ml accumulator tanks which are suitable for tight spaces in a 12v, 24v pump or 240 diaphragm pump system. Protect your pump or coffee machine witih an accumulator tank which is designed for use with any system controlled by a pressure switch.


a. Accumulator tank / pressure tank contains a factory charged air cushion. This is usually 10% the rest fills with water.

b. When the pump starts, water enters the accumulator reservoir. At maximum pressure the system is filled. The pump then shuts off.

c. When water is demanded at the tap / outlet, pressure in the air chamber forces water into the system. The pump stays off until the water in the pressure tank has emptied or till minimum pressure is reached, then the pump starts and runs until pressure is reached. Therefore the pump doesn't necessarily turn on each time you demand water at the outlet.

The pressure tank will absorb excess pressure in your system before it reaches your pump and causes damage. Therefore protecting the life of the pump and the pump pressure switch.

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