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Escaping Outdoors 1.5 litre accumulator tank
Escaping Outdoors 1.5 litre accumulator tank
Escaping Outdoors 1.5 litre accumulator tank with 12v house water pump setup
Escaping Outdoors 1.5 litre caravan accumulator tank pressure tank

1.5 litre Accumulator Tank

$ 69.00
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Escaping Outdoors compact 1.5 litre caravan accumulator tank ( pressure tank ) to fit into a tight space. The accumulator tank will give a smoother water flow, quieter operation and will save your caravan battery power and will extend the life of your water pump. Perfect for fresh or grey water. A must for every caravan set up! The accumulator tank / pressure tank comes complete with a T-piece fitting to cut into your existing line and instructions.

A quality enamel accumulator tank which will hold a store of pressurised water to reduce unnecessary pump cycling, pulsation and water hammer when installed between the pump and the tap. It can also be used to moderate the flow to match your Hot Water Service. It can be fitted to new or existing pump system installations.

The Escaping Outdoors accumulator tank is designed for use with any system controlled by a pressure switch.

Your accumulator tank comes pre-pressurised at 10 PSI ready to use. Your pressure tank can be re pressurised by our staff to fully compliment the water pump setup it is going into. EG: Your Escaping Outdoors FL40 pump operates at 40 PSI. We can pressurise the accumulator tank to our recommended 32 PSI to match your pump before it leaves our warehouse. 


  • 1.5 litre tank
  • Enamel exterior
  • Non toxic Butyl rubber diaphragm
  • Brass Valve
  • 1/2" stainless steel male BSP thread inlet/outlet
  • 151 x 104 mm
  • Weight 700g


  • Fully sealed
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Will align with your pumps PSI rating
  • Made from tough durable materials
  • Non corrosive enamel outer casing
  • Internal rubber membrane eliminates maintenance

Typical food van coffee cart water pump set up - Escaping Outdoors

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