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PVC half inch non-return valve - spring check valve

PVC ½″ Foot Valve - ½″ PVC Check Valve

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Product SKU : EOFV15


½″ inch PVC Foot Valve ( check valve )

A PVC foot valve also known as a check valve is ideal to use in many water pump applications and for 12v, 24v and 240v diaphragm pumps to stop water flowing back into your water source. A filter in the foot valve will reduce particles entering into your pump system. The valve is connected to the end of a pipe or hose in the water source to keep the pump primed and operating to its best capabilities.

When do I use a foot valve?

  • When the pump is mounted higher than the water source
  • To reduce air cavities in the pump system
  • To maintain head pressure to the pump

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